Big home, Big Challenge

Last night I went to a book signing at the New York School of Interior Design on East 70th between Third and Lex. My friend, Kira Wilson, is a graduate of this school and also sits on the school board. If they weren’t before, they must certainly be thrilled that she is an alumni now.

Big Home, Big Challenge is her first book in a series. This is one fantastic reference book. I am thoroughly impressed with the breadth of information from a variety of designers, painters, lighting specialists etc. She really did an incredible job. As an avid reader of magazines (from Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, Gourmet, Food & Wine, etc) this book is incredibly well done.

Kira had started a magazine, with her pal LeeAnne, called To the Trade. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer in publication – but our fingers are crossed that the magazine will come back into circulation. This magazine covered topics in depth for designers or the consumer interested in design. Noone else was doing a magazine like this. People loved it. The content was really good. You wanted to read each article, which is so rare.

Back to the book. Kira starts out talking about the Big Home Challenge which could mean a big room, a long hallway, a big loft or a big house and how do you make these rooms intimate and warm. The chapters are Getting Started, Connected the Landscape, Defining space by Function, Architectual Solutions, Optical Illusions, Decorating Details, Art and Accessories and the Well-Lit Challenge. You get different perspectives from experts she interviewed and lists of questions to ask yourself. Truly well done.

More than anything, I am so thrilled for Kira. She is such a wonderful person and my fingers and toes are crossed on the success of this book. I have a feeling, I don’t need to worry…

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  1. Jason Calacanis

    Great book… i got a chance to see it two weeks ago. Great photography, layout and tips.

  2. Kira Gould

    Thanks Gotham Gal (and Jason!) for your support! I’m glad you liked the book… I hope it helps everyone tackling a big design challenge.