Collecting Art

I have always enjoyed art. Museums, galleries, etc. I started working with a terrific woman who basically helps people learn, appreciate and collect art. It has been a great education. You must buy what you love. Also, art does not necessarily have to be ridiculously expensive. Anyone can collect within their price range. Personally, I enjoy collecting young emerging artists. It probably sits within my personality of taking risks. I believe in my eye and I really enjoy getting to know the artists which at this stage are so approachable. Then, you get to watch their careers. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The key is do you like looking at the piece you bought hanging on your wall.

I try to get out to the galleries in Chelsea at least once a month, so I will keep writing about what I have seen.

Last night, we went to 2 openings. The first opening was Mark Innerst at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. We had bought a James Nares piece there a few years ago and I love that piece! James builds his own brushes in a variety of sizes and literally suspends himself (at times) from the ceiling and pulls the brush across the canvas in one fell swoop. The image of the stroke appears to be 3D. Our painting looks like a giant wave crossing the canvas. Paul Kasmin has a variety of fantastic artists that he represents. Most of the artists are way past the emerging category and have become solidly rooted in their profession. Mark Innerst pieces are beautiful. The pieces appear to look as if Mark’s colleague was Vermeer. He paints beautiful landscapes of New York and recently, in last night’s show, of Wildwood NJ beach and amusement park. He layers the paints over and over until the pieces almost look like they are enamel. The pieces are not large and the details are incredible. Absolutely worth seeing.

The other opening we went to was at Wallspace Gallery. The two women who own this young Gallery are two of the grooviest girls I have ever met. They have a lot of energy and obviously love the art world. Here is where you will see emerging artists. Wallspace Gallery is at 547 West 27th where there are also a variety of other young galleries. Last night, all of them had openings. It was like going to a walking party. There were tubs of beer out in the hallways. It was quite the scene. The artist at Wallspace is a young photographer named Mark Wyse who shoots pictures of surfers. The photos are crisp, clear and worth seeing.

Another gallery that I have been in a few times (and bought something for my husband’s office) is Ziehersmith. The 2 people who own and run the gallery, I believe, have a terrific eye. The artists they represent are all emerging. Check them out too!

The other thing to keep in mind as you stroll into the galleries, is that there are now some good restaurants to give your feet a rest. Particularly enjoy the restaurant on 10th avenue between 25/26th where you can see the communal bathroom sink from the street. The insiders see a mirror, the outsiders see their faces. It is pretty hilarious!


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  1. Sherry Mirkis

    Hi, I am Helene’s sister and thought I would tap into your wealth of information and your site(readers) for some information. My husband and I are going to Rome this weekend on short notice (so I do not have a lot of time to do my homework, as I normally would)and would like restaurant recommendations and any other “must do or see” activities that you would suggest. We will also do a two day stop over in London and would welcome any suggestions for fun and food there . THanks, Sherry.