Date Night

When we first had kids, someone told us we should make sure that every week we had a date night. Make sure you stick to it. That way, you can keep up your relationship and the kids also have some space. It was fantastic advice. My husband and I have been having a date night now for 12 years. The kids expect it and we get to enjoy being together alone. I admit, we go out more than one night a week but we try to keep one night to ourselves.

We have 3 kids. It is really difficult to spend one on one time with each of them at this stage of the game. So, we began date night with our kids. It is time consuming and we have to plan in advance but it is really nice. We basically each have a one on one date with each kid, 3 times over the course of the school year. Each kid gets to pick what they want to do. Dinner, movie, theater, ESPN zone, bowling, shopping, whatever.

Tonight is my date night with my son. He is the 7 and the youngest. He definitely does not get to see the majority of the movies that would be his first pick. So tonight we are going to see Good Boy. He’ll love it. I will enjoy watching him roar. We’ll go out for italian food first and dessert after the movie. It is great. He can talk all he wants and noone interrupts and he has my full on attention.

I highly recommend it if you have children. If you are having children, make nights for yourself or you will either go insane, or look at each other in 20 years and say “who are you?”

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  1. scotty the body

    wow! nice tip. expecting my first in May and I’ll definitely keep your idea in mind. Thanks!