MOUSE Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education is a fantastic organization that I chaired for 3 years. We literally started out by wiring schools. It was so incredulous to us (us being Internet people) that school’s (particularly high schools) were not using technology or connected to the Internet. MOUSE has grown over the past several years. We certainly do not need to wire schools any longer. Technology has changed. MOUSE has figured out programs which incorporate the use of technology into the buildings and into the classrooms. MOUSE is the true catalyst for integrating technology into the school system.

Last night, MOUSE had their annual fund raiser. Lots of new faces and lots of old faces. The event took place at the W hotel in Union Square. It appeared to be a tremendous success. Caroline Kennedy eloquently spoke about how MOUSE has given direction to the school system in how to reshape schools for the 21st century.

The new Executive Director, Carole Wacey, has done a tremendous job taking MOUSE into another phase. She is full of energy and is executing on the strategy set forth a few years ago through a strategic plan. It is certainly satisfying to see MOUSE continue to grow with terrific, devoted people.

Check out their website. If you can, they can always use a donation.