new victory theater

If you are a new yorker (or live in the new york area) and have kids, you are probably interested in the cultural ongoings for kids around the town. If you haven’t already, check out the New Victory Theater. The productions are all over the place. Some of them are amazing and some are painful to sit through. We used to buy tickets a few years ago to every event. Big mistake. This year, we tried to be a bit more discriminating. The theater gives information on what is age appropriate for each play. I have found that if they recommend 8 and up, 5 and up is fine. If they recommend 12 and up, depending on your kid, 8 and up would be fine too. If you purchase tickets in advance and can’t make the performance, they try to accomodate you and sell them to another interested party.

Last night we saw Cookin’ which is a crazy musical kitchen with chopping, yelling, drumming and dancing. The performers pick a few adults from the audience to participate in their chaos. This production is from South Korea and has had good reviews. We liked it. It lasts about one and a half hours, no intermission.

Check out the site for other performances throughout the year.