new york fall

I love the fall in new york. The weather is beautiful. The leaves begin to change. You can walk around the town and really enjoy yourself without being too hot or too cold. There are a million events, new books to read, new restaurants to eat in, new stores to check out, and last but not least new movies to watch.

This season seems like a better mixture of movies than most years. I have been trying to sneak in to a theater here or there when I can. That is one of the beautiful things about new york is that you literally can sneak into a theater and catch a big hollywood film or an indie film at any time.

I was lucky to sneak into 3 movies this week. I saw the Station Agent which is a great slice of life indie film. The performances are great. How these people’s lives end up intersecting and how they become friends with each other is interesting. I really liked it. Probably more realistic of how people end up in friendships that you weren’t looking for. The other movie I saw was Sylvia. Gwyneth Paltrow is an incredible actress. I just wish she would take better roles. The film was beautifully shot. She was amazing but in the end, who really cares about this story. Not interesting at all. Blah! The last film I saw was Mystic River . What amazing performances by each and every actor in this film. Clint Eastwood’s direction and characterization of events that take place is incredible. I really loved just watching the fine acting as the story unfolds. True oscar performances. If you have to see a big hollywood film this year, see this one.