School of Rock

Weekends are always full. One one hand we want to hang out and relax, on another hand with want to enjoy NYC. Everyone has a different vision of what enjoying NYC means. But, we all agreed on one thing this weekend. School of Rock was a must see movie.

School of Rock completely held up to the expecations we had. Jack Black is absolutely hilarious. He is the John Belushi of this genre. His comic timing paired with his face, body and expressions are impeccable. The kids are adorable. The whole concept of teaching rock music history with the final project of becoming a band is something that anyone can relate too. The message underneath the hilarity of the entire film is that type A parents should chill out! Let kids be kids.

Although there are a variety of good films out there this fall, I highly recommend School of Rock to anyone who has ever loved music and still loves music. After all, who hasn’t ever thought about being the eternal rocker star?

Comments (Archived):

  1. grammar police

    I think you mean “generation”, not “genre.”

  2. joanne

    you are correct. thanks. did you see the movie?

  3. Stephen

    I thought about when I saw this movie!

  4. Sam

    It was defineteley awesome/ I loved the music

  5. Nu-uh

    2006, I googled “school of rock” and ended up here….so,on behalf of Norway; how’s Allen doing? Webb seems a bit gay, yeah?