shopping on the net

I love the Internet. The power of the Internet is incredible. For me, the power of being able to get a million things done without ever talking to another human being. To purchase with a push of a button is tremendous! I literally decorated an entire house online. Boxes kept coming and I kept marking them for the intended room. It was a beautiful thing. God knows how long it would have taken me schlepping from one place to another.

I am the true Internet consumer. I figure that whatever I need will come quicker if I order it on line than by the time I get there. I hate bad sites. Nothing worse than a site that is not efficient and easy to get in and out of.

So today, I’d like to share some of my favorite sites.

Amazon The ultimate site. The designer is a genius
Your Grocer I use this site monthly. Easier than Sam’s Club.
Plum Party Clever party and random goodies
The Container Store Any container you could possibly use
Staples Why go there and give yourself a big headache?
Land of Nod Great gifts for babies Great supplies. Always has a good deal running.
Penzeys Best spices and prices around
Athleta The best woman’s athletic clothes around
Daily Candy I get this every day and love it.
Word of the Day As a crossword fanatic, I love getting this daily.
Bed, Bath and Beyond Why go in there and get angst?

There are many more I use when I need something. Getting my kids ready for camp was a breeze. I needed new faucets, ordered them on line. Even if my kid loves her Puma’s and her shoe gets a little tight. I just go to Puma and reorder bigger. Makes my life easier and so I can focus on more interesting things, liking writing a blog.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Jason Calacanis

    What about!?!?! I just upgraded to the eight DVDs out at a time option. It is amaing how quick these guys are…. I get DVDs from them the next day!

  2. joanne

    netflix does rock. i obviously need a good editor.

  3. louise

    what about UrbanBaby? The message boards are the most valuable thing in a nyc mom’s life. How can DailyCandy make your short list and no UrbanBaby (which is what my friends and I call DailyCandy for adults)

  4. louise

    my mistake, I was recommending UrbanBaby for your *My Links* not your favorite places to shop. Since UrbanBaby is not a shopping site.

  5. Angela

    You have to check out They have the best list of online deals and promotional coupon codes from a ton of stores. They also have which is a price filter- you just type in the specific item you’re looking for and it not only tells you which store has it the cheapest, but will tell you if there are any coupon codes for that store!

  6. ToniC

    Another internet shopping experence is – they even have a section for free stuff and another section for printable coupons that I can use when I go to the store.