Turning 42

Today, I turned 42.

I have been hemming and hawing about what should I do next? I have had 6 careers. Buyer at Macys, ran a company in the rag trade, dabbled in a few friends businesses, spearheaded sales of a start-up magazine/ezine/events company in Silicon Alley, chaired a non-profit organization focused on technology in inner city school (mostly high schools), sat on a few profit and non-profit boards. Now, I sit on the exec board of my kids school and the most important job – a full time mom.

So, today I decided since I can’t seem to figure out a job that would fit perfectly into my schedule which would take up only 2 – 3 hours daily, depending on the day. I decided I’d start a blog.

I’ll write about what I do. People are always asking me for information. Have you seen any interesting art lately? Any good restaurants? Good recipes? Where should I get this stuff for my kids? Good books? New stores? Websites? Political discussions. What CD’s should I buy or download? Etc., etc., etc..

My biggest focus these days is just being around for my kids. Hey, they are only young once. Bigger kids, bigger issues. I’m fortunate that I am able to do it. So, perhaps my blog will lead me in the direction of my next career but it certainly fits into my criteria of the 2 -3 hour a day availability.