I just added NYCEATS to my links. This is a great blog. Up to date information on food happenings in nyc, on line tidbits or other articles of interest related to food. There is also information to be had on other cities. Definitely work checking out.

I still believe that email is the killer app, so I have signed up for an email from NYMetro. They send out a newletter weekly which basically gives you the information on up and coming restuaurants, closings, chef moves, etc. You can read about most of this the following week in New York Magazine but through email, you get the info early.

I have also been into the food scene this week. My oldest daughter is in the middle school play. The 3 days before the opening, they stay until 7:30/8pm each night to make sure all is perfect. I volunteered to cater these 3 nights – dinner and dessert. I can’t stand that they would eat pizza and subway instead. I truly have a new found respect for the catering business. You gotta love food or in my case, you gotta love your kid.

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  1. Alaina

    Thanks for adding me to your links! I subscribe to the NYMetro newsletter just to get the info. in advance. Good stuff. MUG (Manhattan User’s Guide — is another great email newsletter on all things New York, including food.