Gillian Welch

I saw Gillian Welch the other night at Townhall. What a concert! She comes on stage with her husband, and only partner in her band, Dave. Dave rocks. Her voice is crystal clear. They have a very dry comical banter on stage which makes the audience laugh and feel really involved in their performance. Be aware, that there are serious die-hard fans in the audience. She played for over one and a half hours and came back for 2 ovations.

I admit that this summer was the first time that I really started listening to her albums. I was obviously a newbie in the audience. But, I have gone back and purchased her older albums after hearing Soul Journey which was released this past June.

Gillian was born in New Jersey and went to Beverly Hill High School but she croons like an old timer from Nashville. She is a true songwriter. She is a grassroots type of gal. She plays a mean guitar, banjo and harmonica. There are not that many real musicians out there today like Gillian – and Dave.

Dave is the ultimate back-up man. He did one solo but she’s definitely the lead of the 2. He is one with his instrument. His body moves with the music and his instrument. His fingers move up and down each instrument while he is playing the harmonica. I was really into watching Dave.

Go out and buy her albums. She is fantastic!!!

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  1. nicole

    How funny. She is on Conan O’Brien’s show right now and I was in another room and thought, “Who is this…what nice music.” Then I remembered your post. Great music!