The Violet Hour

We finally became members of the Manhattan Theater Club. Consistently they seem to put out good theater. Unfortunately, The Violet Hour is not under that category.

The best part was going to the new Biltmore Theater. It is beautiful. The theater has been vacant for over a decade. Now, it is a modern theater with attention to details especially the acoustics. I always enjoy going to different theaters even to hear the sounds, and see the architecture. I’m looking forward to returning to the Biltmore for other productions from the Manhattan Theater Club.

The line up for this play was sketchy. A variety of debut performers with Robert Sean Leonard getting star billing. The playwright was Richard Greenberg who wrote Take me Out which unfortunately I have not seen but have heard rave reviews when it was off-Broadway. The Violet Hour was boring and the story line was uninteresting.

As more and more plays close on Broadway, the question is “why is the content so bad”? Is it because the good writers are writing movies, can’t be because they are writing tv. I don’t know the answer but I love the theater and hope that better content comes along this spring.

I actually walked out during intermission. I was not the only one. Lots of people were putting on their coats at intermission and I would find it hard to believe that so many people were taking a cigarette break.

The best line of the play was by 2 women behind us as we were leaving. She said “the Violet Hour, I think an hour is enough, don’t you?”

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  1. Marilyn

    Gotham Gal, I do recommend Take Me Out. Do you know anything about an off B’way number called something like Bright Lives—about the race for nursery school admissions?

    I also highly recommend the film about Louis Kahn at the Film Forum.

    I have a new sample sale to attack-next week-from a mom at my daughter’s school – it’s her biz. Are you int’d? Best, MMM