Do you think that people would actually exercise if it wasn’t good for you? I am not sure I would. If I could take a pill or eat a particular type of food and the results would be the same, then I wouldn’t have to take time out to exercise. But, alas, exercise is a must in order to consume the amount of calories that I enjoy consuming daily.

Right now, I do yoga a few times a week and spin 2 times a week. Yoga takes up a lot of time. Truly a time suck. I’m considering new forms of exercise for 2004 but for now, I like the benefits.

There are a few places that I go to downtown. My favorite is The Shala House. The two owners are wonderful. The vibe there is very mellow and you feel completely anonymous which I like. The classes are tough. As you look around the room, most of the people have been doing yoga for a long time, which I really like. The other downtown place is Om Yoga which I used to go to more often. There is a cult feeling there. Also, you have to take an elevator to get upstairs and I prefer being able to bolt down the stairs when I want to leave. They have a lot of different teachers and classes are available at all different levels, all the time, so that is a definite bonus. I know there is a teen class there that my daughter’s friend really likes. I know there are a variety of other yoga places but I pretty much stick to these 2.

Spinning is a totally different animal. I believe most spinning classes take place in gym’s around the city. I belong to the Equinox because it is convenient and their facility is really nice. The spinning classes at my gym are just ok. The key to good spinning is fantastic music. My sister and I always lament that next to the spinning class there should be a post for the type of music played in that class. Regardless, it is a fantastic sweaty workout and lasts only an hour.

I hear pilates are really wonderful and they only last an hour. Maybe 2004?