Jerry’s on Prince

Restaurants in New York have a cycle. If you make it past the 1 year stage, you are psyched. If you make it past the 4 year stage, you could be golden. But, if you make it past the 10 year stage and continue to put out good food, you could be good for life.

I was at Jerry’s on Prince for lunch today. Jerry’s has attempted to branch out 2 times, that I am aware of. Once, in the early 90’s, in the east Village. Didn’t last long. Recently, on 23rd street, did not last as long as the east Village. But, Jerry’s on Prince still remains today.

I used to go there often for brunch. Kids took over my world, so going to a leisurely brunch on Saturday and Sunday morning is not in my repertoire these days. Although, I certainly do miss that.

Jerry’s still rocks. The place was packed by 1pm. I admit that I was thinking that the meal was going to be mediocre at best. I was pleasantly surprised. I had the curry mango chicken salad. Nice scoop of curry chicken with currants, not too much mayo on a bed of leaves and a light vinagarette, sliced of mango on the side. It was really good.

After all these years, still a thumbs up for Jerry’s. They obviously are not able to produce the formula outside of Soho, but a good solid place in Soho is always an oasis.