The Return of the King

Last night we went to see The Return of the King. The last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What can I say? I am a huge fan. In general, I do not like these type of movies but these films are so incredibly magnificent, you can not be awed. Peter Jackson has made his mark in film history.

The Return of the King is a tad long. 3 hours and 20 minutes. It could have been shorter but then I am not sure it would be true to the tales. The photography, computer enhanced battle scenes and the characters costumes are unbelievable. Every detail has been considered.

Sean Astin, who plays Sam, is wonderful in this last film. All of the Hobbits rise to another level here. I truly can’t say enough.

It is a must see this holiday season. Rent the first 2 movies and then go see the Return of the King. After a year hiatus, it is hard to follow and remember what is happening unless you are a true blue fan. I will see these movies again and again.

I hope that Peter Jackson gets his Oscar. He deserves it!