Z100’s Jingle Ball 2003

My kids love and live for Jingle Ball. Can’t say that I do but I admit that I have always had a liking for pop music. I actually knew more songs than I care to admit. For me, I can’t decide if the best part is that the bands only get to play 3 – 5 songs, or watching all the young teenagers in the crowd. It is like stepping back in time. The screaming, the singing of each and every word, the chit chat among the crowd, the bumping into camp friends and friends from other schools. It is quite the scene.

As a good Mom, we stayed until the last band played. I did the smart thing though and had a car service meet us outside because walking home or waiting for a subway or cab at 11:30pm was not an option.

Jennifer Lopez MC’d the event for awhile. She really is such an incredibly beautiful woman. We had a little post Jingle Ball this morning at breakfast which I will share. Hilary Duff kicked off the show. We all thought she “sucked”. Jason Mraz was good but a definite one hit wonder. He better invest his money properly. Michelle Branch was really good. She certainly has talent. I personally loved the t-shirt she had on which said ANTI. I’d like one for myself. 3 Doors Down was not bad but we aren’t huge fans. Kelly Clarkson was awful. She has a good voice but no talent. As I explained, that is why American Idol is nonsense. Having a good voice doesn’t mean you have the talent to move upward and onward. Matchbox Twenty was really good. Personally, they were my favorite performers. The lead has an awesome voice, very distinct. Next on, Sean – Paul. The kids loved him. I think he sounds like Shaggy whom I prefer. Beyonce came next. We all ragged on her lime green body suit – she looked like a xmas tree. But, she is talented and was a solid. Next on, Jay-Z. The kids thought he was the best. I think all the songs sound the same but am a fan of rap, so there you have that. Last on, Simple Plan. Not bad, but time to leave. Oh, I forgot to mention that Jessica Simpson and her husband Nich Lachey came in somewhere for 2 songs. Yikes were they awful. There was absolute consensus on that one.

All and all, it was good but the line up last year was better. My ears were still ringing when I went to sleep last night.

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  1. Amanda

    just read ur thing about kelly clarkson and the thing that gets me is..how on earth can she be a good singer but not have talent? if you sing well you must have some kind of talent..i don’t get that..but w/e..