New Music

I admit, I am a sucker for top 10 lists. I particularly become obsessed with the end of year lists every year. I amassed all of the top 10 lists for music at the end of this year. I have always been a big music fan. When the lists come out, I generally know most of the music. My son was absolutely mortified that Outkast was not on every top ten list. As I scanned the lists, I knew most of the music and already owned most of it. But, I was drawn to the top 10 (actually he did a bonus of 10 more to make it the top 20) in the New Yorker. It was a good mixture of artists that I was not yet that familiar with.

I spent basically a morning listening to all the albums that were recommended. I am really loving Amy Rigby. Her songs are funny. She is a cross between Michelle Shocked meets Lucinda Williams meets Gillian Welch meets Liz Phair (of old). Highly recommend. Another album is believe it or not, Van Morrison, What’s Wrong with This Picture. How could you not be a fan of Van the man? In general, I do not buy old artists still attempting to croon out new sounds. I like sounds in my life at certain times because of where I am at, where the world is at, etc. But, this latest Van album is fantastic! It is very jazzy, funky and blues oriented. The music just rolls. Next, Kelis’s album, Tasty. She belts out the music. Very sultry but with some hip hop thrown in. Good tunes.

I am also listening to Johnny Cash because how could you not? His last album. The guy is a classic. I am also listening to his lovely wife, June Carter Cash, Wildflower which is pure hillbilly blues. She sings with a variety of friends and of course, her hubby. It’s a gem. The verdict is not in yet on the last 3, Vic Chesnut, Damien Rice and John Cale but I will keep you all posted.