The Strip House

I admit, I am a carnivore. Always have been. I love a good juicy steak. My kids eat raw hamburger meat seasoned with soy sauce. Maybe it is in the genes?

We have been to The Strip House a numerous amount of times. This past weekend was fantastic. It was the perfect place for a freezing cold night. The place has a feeling of warmth the minute you enter the door. Everything is red and dark. There is a bar across from a small seating area if you just want to come in for drinks. The lighting is low and intimate. Just what the doctor ordered.

We had lobster and steaks. Oysters to start and a few round of salads kick off the meal. You basically can’t go wrong. The creamed spinach as a side order is a must at any steakhouse. Red wine from Chateau Montelena doesn’t hurt either. The desserts are a bit on the decadent side. The chocolate cake is huge. The people next to us ordered a piece of cheesecake and the comment when the waiter put the plate on the table was “holy shit”. That should give you an indicator of the size of each piece. But, it tastes good going down. The glazed banana tart is awesome.

The steaks are top notch here. But, so is everything else on the menu. They have lamb, they have fish, they have lobster so if you are with someone who doesn’t want steak, not a problem. Although, next to Peter Lugers, this is the place.

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  1. KE

    Glad to see you gave a review of one of your ‘favorite haunts’ after mentioning that Mix was only good for being nixed. Restaurant reviews with good details are always fun — I love to try other people’s fave spots when I’m in NYC or any other place.

  2. John

    Here here, went to Strip House earlier this week (wrote quickly about it in my blog) and it has the best steaks. Have you seen the size of the prime rib? Ridiculous.