Wine Tasting

We were invited to a wine tasting last night. At every wine tasting that I have ever been to, I notice how the wines taste better as the evening progresses.

This particular wine tasting was won at auction and donated by We tasted a variety of different wines starting with a white German and ending with a red Italian. It is a great way to try new wines and develop a palette for new flavors. You are supposed to taste the wines in your mouth and not swallow but spit out. That way by your 10th tasting you aren’t on the floor. Every wine tasting that I have ever been to, most people swallow. This always makes for quite an evening.

Jeff Hock, who owns is incredibly knowledgable. He has put together a retail front in the West Village on Jones Street and a website worth checking out. He will deliver within an hour and a half anywhere in NYC. Jeff has picked his wines carefully and by doing so he has put together a collection of good wines for under $20. He is absolutely reaching out to an audience that is not that familiar with wines, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but wants to enjoy what they are drinking. He can educate you and make sure you leave with a good bottle in hand. He is also fun to listen to. Most wine people are because they are passionate about the grapes.

I have learned a lot about wines over the years. I like to know about the region and the vineyard, but most of all I like to drink a good wine.