Is Soho an outdoor mall?

I have always loved Soho. The stores, the vibe, the restaurants, etc. It is truly amazing how much Soho has grown over the past 15 years. If you are a retailer, it is essential to have a store in Soho.

We watched Hannah and her Sisters the other night. One of the sisters, Holly, lived in Soho. My kids could not get over that Soho was so raw only 15 short years ago. Frankly, I couldn’t either.

Yesterday, we (my daughters and me) were going to see a show at the Angelica at 1:25. We were seeing Kitchen Stories. It was ok. Very slow. The girls hated it. Anyway, we needed to have some lunch before hand. I forgot how popular Sunday brunch is around the city. Everywhere was packed with a line. On the corner of Mercer and Prince, we found a new spot.

I had actually watched this corner slowly go through construction. Completed is a huge Olivers Olive Oil/L’Occitaine Soap store. Conceptually, it is a great idea even though the store is a bit generic. The soap products are really good. I have yet to buy the Olive Oil but have been into another store of theirs before on Bleeker. Almost like Baskin and Robbins are located next to Dunkin Donuts(same owners), they have done the same thing in their retail locations. Smart.

This particular store is huge. They also have food which you order downstairs and then go upstairs and wait for someone to bring it to you. Salads, soups, quiches, desserts. Good idea but the food is unedible. Quite unfortunate.

We should have gone to an old Soho haunt to celebrate that fact they still exist instead of trying the new generic bad food store. Alas. Lesson learned.