Lazer Park

Our youngest had his 8 year old birthday party this past weekend. Thanks his older sister, he requested that his party be at Lazer Park. Yikes!

First of all, being responsible for 14 some odd boys in the middle of Times Square is stressful enough but adding that to Lazer Park could send you over to the hospital for a mild coronary. These kids are all from downtown New York so they are pretty street saavy as far as 8 year olds go. They are real city kids. They are also boys.

Lazer Park is for all intensive purposes an arcade with lazer tag rooms as the added bonus. 2 floors of wall to wall games. You can barely breath inside. I truly wonder if fire code is met there. The games are major boy toys. How many people can you shoot? For an additional bonus, if you score high, you get tickets to cash in for bogus toys. The kids LOVE the tickets. They go for the games that can generate the highest yield of tickets.

For the bday party, they give each kid 30 tokens to go wild for the first 1/2 hour. The problem with the game area is that kids can wander freely and it is hard to keep an eye on their whereabouts. Although, my husband hung out at the bottom of the stairs so nobody could leave the downstairs location. There are also tons of huge teenage kids and adults roaming around. Who are these people?

I could hardly wait for the game time to end and the lazer game to begin. Once they are in the lazer tag area, they then move on to pizza and cake in a contained area. The lazer tag is great. They kids run around and shoot each other with with lazer guns and the points are registered above. The kids had a blast. I would have loved to do it but my husband went in an played. He thought it was great.

Once the lazer tag, pizza, cake etc. ended it was hard to get the kids out of there. They still wanted to cash in their tickets. When we finally did leave, I felt my blood pressure slowly return to normal.

I would say Lazer Park is a once in a lifetime experience, at least for me.