My friend Cory showed this site to me yesterday. I felt a tad behind the times because I had always wished for a site like this but did not know it existed. is fantastic! Every menu in NYC is basically on this site. Broken down by neighborhood, or cuisine. There are also recent restaurant reviews on the site. Comments on restaurants.

Before going out to a new restaurant, check out the menu and see if you are actually going to enjoy the food. Having a dinner party? Go into menus and see something that sounds yummy and try to replicate. Tired of the same old chinese delivery menu, maybe there are others in the neighborhood you were unaware of. Coming to NYC from out of town, check out the neighborhood haunts. I am going to really enjoy using this site. If you scroll down to the general comments, you can find out what credit cards they will take and if they deliver which is most important.

Take a look at this site and immediately add to your favorites. I did.