New York City Fire Department

Last night, around midnight, the doorbell rang. I was seriously out. I picked up the phone immediately (the doorbell goes through the phone and you can talk to whoever it is outside). I probably yelled “who is it?”.
Answer, “fire department.”. WHAT? My husband is out of town and I have 3 kids sleeping and it is midnight. What’s the problem? The neighbor has a fire and we have to get in through your house to see what is happening next door. Yikes.

Lucky, I had left sweat pants and sweat shirt next to my bed last night and dashed downstairs as quick as possible. Sure enough, the neighbor had a fire on their porch. The firemen had already doused it from the inside of our neighbor’s place and were checking to see if there were live ambers, or whatever at my place.

These guys could not have been nicer. In they come, in force, clomping through with their 400 lbs of equipment on their back. One cuter than the next. Chatting with me about my home and my family.

They finally left after making sure everything was ok, captain came in an surveyed the place.

I slowly made my way upstairs, and of course had trouble getting back to sleep. But, as I lay there, I thought about this group of firemen. In NYC, you are very connected to the people living next door to you which is good and bad. But, my thoughts were how incredibly professional these guys were. How nice, pleasant, charming, efficient. It made me feel so secure about living in NYC and having men like this serve our city.

Today, I am sending over a huge box of treats just to thank them for being firemen.