Peter Luger in Brooklyn

Any true carnivore has got to love Peter Luger’s. You must be prepared with cash in hand, no credit cards.

Years ago I had an adorable young woman who worked for me. Her father had just retired from working years on Wall Street. I believe he was a stock broker but regardless he did quite well for himself. He had raised 2 kids in Manhattan, private schools, etc. He was a regular at Peter Luger’s. When he retired, Peter Luger’s manager asked him if he would be interested in working as the cashier which is behind the plastic partition and really be the CFO. He figured, why not, since he enjoyed the people there and he did not want to be just hanging around doing nothing. Supposedly, he made more money the first year at Peter Luger’s than he had ever made annually on Wall Street. After paying the price the other night, I am not surprised.

The crowd is the same. Mostly men from Wall Street drinking loads of scotch, beer and martinis. Lots of heavy Brooklyn accents. I love it! We took the family. It is their second time there. My daughter requested Peter Luger’s for her bday night dinner.

We always start off hanging out at the bar. The bartender is charming and pours quite a stiff drink. His shirley temples are top.

We sat downstairs which I prefer. We sat upstairs last time and the vibe is just not the same. We ordered the standard. Steak, shrimp cocktail, spinach and of course the yummy onion rolls. We passed on the tomato and onions because tomatoes are never that great off-season no matter which way you slice it. Also, the bacon there is out of this world. We passed on it this time but I saw a huge plate going by, hot and sizzling, on the way out and I was sort of bummed we hadn’t indulged ourselves. Next time.

Most people are completely full by the end of the meal but we went for the chocolate sundae. It is incredible. The whipped cream is thick and rich and just right. Hey, it’s a birthday, right?

The bill was high but well worth the cost. We had steak leftovers and brought it home. You know it is good when the steak tastes terrific 2 days later after sitting in the doggie bag.

I think Peter Luger’s will become an annual event. It is just a classic place with a slice of New York that all New Yorker’s should experience (and out of town guests too).