sant ambroeus

Went to lunch yesterday at Sant Ambroeus at 259 West 4th at the corner of Perry. Wow!

This restaurant used to be located on Madison between 77/78th street. They lost their lease and made the plunge downtown. Lucky for me.

I have watched this corner restaurant undergo renovations. Little did I know this would become a favorite haunt among people in the West Village.

I went for lunch yesterday with a friend who has eaten every meal there – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The decor is basic, simple, bright and airy. They bake their breads and desserts on the premises.

The menu for lunch has at least 18 panini type sandwiches with a small green salad on the side. I had chunks of tuna smothered in olive oil, thinly shaved parmesan cheese, sauted warm arugula between 2 thin slices of tuscan bread. It was incredible! Added bonus, fantastic coffee.

The diners next to us each ordered a dessert. They were beautiful. I was tempted to ask each of them for a bite.

The dinner menu – which you could also have at lunch – had a variety of different couses. Salads, pastas, fish, poultry and meat. Everything sounded delicious.

I figured we will either get back there for Sunday brunch or Saturday night dinner. I can hardly wait to try out something else.