Sex and the City

I am sorry to see Sex and the City end. But, I give them a lot of credit, they went out at the high. Most shows don’t have the balls to do that. This show had lots of spunk, so it would make sense that they would end it the same way.

I have so enjoyed my Sunday evenings watching Sex and the City for the last 6 years. The characters are great. It has been fun watching them grow. The show pushed the envelope in so many ways which is why it was successful. How refreshing to finally have a well written, smart, sophisticated television show. What a concept.

Last night’s final episode couldn’t have been better. You got a feeling of where these characters would be if the show just kept on going. Each character ended up where they should have. Most end of season shows are not even in line with what the show has been about for all the past seasons.

Smart writers. Smart characters. Smart actors. Smart crew. Smart show.