The Biltmore Restaurant

The Biltmore Restaurant came on the scene a few months ago. From everything that I have read, The Biltmore opened the doors without any big fanfare.

The restaurant is located at 8th avenue between 24/25th street. Not a real restaurant oriented area but just a step outside of Chelsea. The restaurant door is literally in the midst of concrete. But, once you step in…

I will absolutely return to this new destination location restaurant. When you enter the restaurant, you are immediately taken in to a different world after leaving the street. I felt as though we entered a private club where we were the honored patrons.

The bar has banquettes and ottomans adjacent to the long bar. The fabrics are warm rich colors and the lighting is low.
The dining area in the back is divided by an old crafted gold metal wall. I believe the restaurant is the remnants of the old Biltmore Hotel. The walls in the seating room are handsome marble slats. The seating is again, banquettes with luscious leather chairs that are really comfortable surrounding the tables at the wall and down the middle. The lighting is romantic.

The food was excellent. I started with a salad that had a mediterranean slant – figs, nuts and sliced of toast lathered with a rich cheese. My main course was lamb. The chops were cooked to perfection served on top of a spicy rich algerian tomato sauce with a small portion of dried fruit couscous. I tasted other appetizers around the table. The quail appetizer was served over a pumpkin risotto that exploded in my mouth. My husband had the salmon which was marinated with the perfect amount of spice. Noone ordered the shrimp at our table but it looked beautiful being served around the room. Nobody left any food on their plate.

We all passed on dessert but our waiter gave us a small plate of delectable cookies to share.

I really want to go back!