Blue Water Grill

Blue Water Grill on Union Square is a favorite of mine. It could take me hours to figure out the amount of times that I have eaten there. The food is always good.

It has been my standard lunch place for many years. The sushi is good, the oysters are good, the fish is good. The miso marinated chilean sea bass with a wasabi sauce and sticky rice and broccoli is outstanding. They are also happy to accomodate if you have any thing you’d like instead which is always a bonus. The chopped salad appetizer is light and refreshing. The shrimp dumplings are also a good start to a meal. Their wine list is interesting and well priced.

I have gone at night and just sat at the bar and have had oysters and a variety of appetizers. Yum.

In the spring or fall, it is wonderful to sit outside and eat. The people watching is always fun and the outside area is intimate and chic.

The chocolate fondue for dessert is the perfect ending to a good meal.

I have probabaly continued to return so many times because the food is always good. The high ceilings and comfortable seating makes for a good dining experience. I have tried all of Steven Hanson’s restaurants because he has good formula. The food is always good. The service is always good. The seating is comfortable and each restaurant has a different vibe. I give him tremendous credit for creating unique eating atmospheres with different types of food, all over the city. Fiamma in Soho was delicious and worth going to check out the architecture of the place. Different. Blue Fin in Times Square has a really good menu. The place itself is a bit too vast for my taste but I have sat at the bar and have had a good meal. He is about to open a new place on West 14th street in the Meat Packing area and will most definitely give that a try too.

This past week, I have eaten at Blue Water Grill for lunch twice. I can hardly wait for the weather when the heat lamps come out and we can sit outside. Soon, soon…