New Links

I have just added 2 links to my blog. I have been reading 2 friends of mine. One is Jerry Colonna, who just started his blog. Jerry is smart, compassionate and is dedicated to social fairness in the world. Above all, he is a really great writer and incredibly articulate. So, I am excited about reading his blog.

The other link is to Tom Watson. Tom is a journalist but he has also proven himself to be a pretty good business person which ranks high in my book. He writes about music, sports and politics. 2 of my favorite topics. Tom has really good insight and an interesting perspective. I enjoy reading his blog.

It is truly amazing as blogs have grown over the past year on the web, it is a helluva lot more interesting to read well informed, intelligent, articulate points of view on your blog of choice than the NYTimes editorial section. It will be a very interesting election as it is and it will certainly be interesting how the media and blogs play out as people have frank discussions about the candidates that they choose.