Staff Meals

I not only love books but love cookbooks too. I am also a magazine junkie. I have curbed my habit since we have completed our home but still love to see the latest and greatest. Food and Wine and Gourmet are my “fav” cooking magazines.

I admit that I get very excited when buying a new cookbook and then sometimes don’t even making a recipe out of the book. That is the beauty of the magazines. New one every month with new recipes.

I have one cookbook which ranks high above the rest. Staff Meals. Fantastic book. The book is written by the owners of Chanterelle in Tribeca. Delicious home style meals that you can also serve to company.

I have probably made over 15 recipes in this book with no doctoring. That is a huge. As someone who cooks a lot, you know when the recipe isn’t going to work and you sort of play around with it to make it taste good. Not this cookbook.

The chicken and cashews is excellent, the oven baked ribs fall off the bone, the moroccan lamb shanks hit the spot, the mushroom barley soup is a winner. I could go on and on.

If you have to have one cookbook on your shelf, pick this up. It is really a winner!