Voting Day in New York

My husband wrote a great blog today about taking our youngest son to the polls today. Check it out. AVC

We have taken our kids to the voting booth since they were really young. Our children have been privileged enough to meet a variety of candidates over the year face to face. They have become interested in the political landscape and how it affects the world. The conversations are always of interest. All of our kids have been fascinated with the fluxuation of the dollar when we have traveled overseas. “Why does it happen?” “How does our economy interact with theirs?” “How come our dollar was worth more before Bush?” Good question!

Josh, our youngest son, was really interested in the voting booth on how George Bush “cheated votes” to get elected last time. “How come judges got to decide that?” “Judges should not be able to vote and then make rulings on the same people they voted for.” I was thinking, aren’t we asking the same question with Cheney and Scalia ducking hunting together while Scalia is making decisions on Cheney’s future? Good point Josh.

We asked if anyone was interested in going into politics. Josh considered it. Emily, our middle daughter, flatly refused. “You have to be pretty self-centered to want to be in politics”. “Yes, I’d like to be the President of the US so I can be the boss of the entire world and do whatever I want and rule over everyone”. I think she hit is right on the head….isn’t that George Bush’s platform?