Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys and Beyonce

What a concert. The young divas. I went to the Garden last night to see Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Wow!

I liked the entire concept because you get to see 3 hot performers at one concert and noone plays for over an hour. It’s perfect. You hear all your favorite songs and when you’ve had enough, they are done.

Missy Elliot came out first. What a production. Her set alone must range in the $1 – 2 million range. She is a male rapper in a females body. She was my least favorite of the performers. She yelled so loud into the microphone, I wasn’t really sure what she was singing/saying. My daughter, who’s 13, knows her music and couldn’t make much out either. The thing that struck me about her performance is that it is more like watching a Broadway show. She had about 12 performers who danced and strutted themselves during each song, 6 men and 6 women. They were acting out her lyrics, which I couldn’t hear. The outfits were mixed. Some were beyond skimpy and others were serious street clothes and very athletic looking. Some of the performers got down right raunchy. One song, the guys had their pants unzipped, down around their hips and appeared to be holding them with some belt in one hand while jutting their hips and jacking off ( not in reality but acting). The women were wearing little bikinis and writhing on stage. Not really necessary. Lucky, Missy Elliot only played for about 35 minutes. That was all we could take.

Next on, Alicia Keys. One incredibly talented woman. I loved her first album. Her second album, I did not like as much. Her managers/label had obviously pushed her into a different direction, which is good, but she is doing more singing and dancing than showing us her musical talents. She came out dancing up a storm. She had on white jeans, thigh high black books, a white/black bustier with a white jacket. She looked great. When she sat down to the keyboards was the best. She is amazing. Her voice could break glass. Also, she is quite a performer. She was very into this audience. She has the full package. At one point, she actually stood up and conducted her small orchestra which was pretty cool because you know she wrote the music. At the end, we were ready for the next. Although I love the piano gig, it gets boring after awhile. I guess that is why she was pushed into a different direction. Although, she’ll be around for a very long time.

Last but certainly not least, Beyonce. She rocks! Each song was a different outfit. One better than the next. She struts her stuff. I believe her mother makes these costumes for her and her dancers. Her mom was a costume designer. The stage was simple. Black floor with stairs that came in an out based on the song and drop screens which were live steams of her performance. The screens were really done well. She told us that she started with Destiny’s Child when she was 9. At 15, their songs were the top of the charts. Pretty impressive. The other 2 members of Destiny’s Child actually came out and sang with her at one point. Jay Z came out and sang with her at the end when she sang “Crazy” which was fantastic. The crowd went wild. Beyonce sings, dances, shakes her bod and knows how to get an audience going. Impressive performance. She was having a great time and so were we.

The one thing I am sorry that they do not do in this concert, is bring back all 3 divas to perform together. They all have such different talents, it would be really fun to see what they could come up with to do together. Maybe next time.