Sebastian Blanck

Sebastian Blanck is an artist that we were fortunate to meet about a year ago. Not only is he a smart, nice and hip guy…he is also a fantastic artist (and happens to play in a rock band). We went up to his studio and checked out his work.

Generally, I like to go back a few times to see new work and assess where the artist is going or are they truly prolific and able to continue to create new work 10 or 15 years down the line. He is the only artist, except for another talented guy, Eric Freeman where we have bought something before we left. Sebastian’s wife, Isca Greenfield-Sanders happens to be another incredible talent which we were not so lucky to scoop up the first time we saw her work. I am still working on that one. Long story.

Sebastian is currently showing at Michael Steinberg Fine Art in Chelsea. I was there yesterday. I went with a friend who happens to be a big collector and helps other people collect as well and I trust her eye. She really liked his work and compared him to a mixture of Alex Katz and Eric Fischl. Good comparison and a good audience to be in. Sebastian is young and talented. I highly recommend checking out his work before his show ends. You will be hearing about Sebastian for many years to come.

We also stopped by Cheim & Read who are showing the first solo exhibition of the British artist, Paul Morrison. I’ve always been a fan of paintings directly on the wall. These are very cool. Black and white graphic type landscapes. There are also a few small pieces that you could hang somewhere. Small show. Worth walking through if you are in the area which is basically how I ended up there.

The other show which I really wanted to go see was at Ziehersmith Gallery. I have written about this gallery before. I could have bought 3-4 pieces that they had yesterday. Not all part of this show but pieces in the back. The artist who I really liked yesterday was Andrew Pretorius. I like figurines and it appealed to my sense of humor. These oil paintings are staged realities with a twist. Very intricate. This artist has studied the masters so he has obviously taken that to a different level. The 2004 version.

That was enough for yesterday. Over to the best food in the area, Bottino.