The past few weeks, I have been off the blogging trail but am glad to be back. We have been traveling. Spent some time in Colorado and California. Now, we happen to be in the DC area. Security has been an issue everywhere.

Since security has been tightened everywhere, we now get to the airport way in advance. Personally, I don’t like the stress of seeing tons of people in line going through security when you know that you have to be to the gate sooner than later. Now, we come early, play cards, read magazines and take our time. On one hand, it is ridiculous but on the other hand, it is not that stressful.

My biggest frustration with the security issues is that there must be technology available so that we do not have to spend time going through our bags, taking off our shoes, setting off the bells and whistles and trying to figure out why you are setting off the alarms.

I understand the reasoning behind the tight security but on the other hand, it has made our lives less easy going. Is it all truly necessary?

We were coming into DC on the Delta shuttle. On the Delta shuttle, into DC, you are not allowed to get up at all during the flight. If you need to “use the facilities”, you must go before the plane takes off. This FAA rule only applies to flights coming into the DC area due to the close proximity to the White House. No where else matters? I am sure this directive came directly from Dick Cheney. Do they really think that is going to make a difference?

We went down to the Holocaust Museum in DC yesterday. An unbelievable museum. It is a bit overwhelming and so disturbing that it is hard to take everything in. The museum is an incredible memorial of a horrible time in history that no one should forget. The curators have done an amazing job. Absolutely one of the best museums, although you hate to say that about a museum that represents human atrocities, but it was incredible.

Security there was horrendous. We already had tickets. BTW, that is a new thing at the museums, must get tickets in advance and they only let in so many people per day. I assume, another security thing. We spent literally over 1/2 an hour getting through security just to get in the door. Also, then other security functions once you got in the place. It was like the gestapo.

We are all made to feel that you can not say anything against security because the Bush Government has made everyone crazy with the “threat of terrorism”. But, if security must be so tight, why doesn’t the Government issue a directive to purchase better technology so that we could make all our lives less stressful? I feel like my Grandmother who used to leave all her jewelry in a safe deposit across town so she never got to enjoy it. What is the point of that? Life is too short as it is, shouldn’t be all be allowed to enjoy it? I am not sure having security at every entrance and taking 1/2 an hour to enter works out. I am all for safety but why can’t we have safety that allows us as to enjoy our lives?

I wish I knew the answer but I am sure someone could build a better security mousetrap.