We get invited to so many fundraisers that I can’t begin to start counting. We pick the ones that actually mean something to us. I really prefer the fund raisers that are different. Going to a sit down event and having a stuff scrod or baked chicken and listening to some honoree is not my cup of tea.

One of the organizations we support is our temple. We are members of the New Shul. There are many assets to this organization but the one that is the most important to me is that the founders think out of the box. They are trying to create an environment that is interactive, fun, thought provoking and different then the temple we grew up in. Our kids actually like the Hebrew School and it is only one day a week, after school, which allows them to do other things. I like this because it provides the balance vs. shoving Hebrew School down there throat 2 days a week. No wonder so many of us hated it. The New Shul has a bar/bat mitzvah academy where the kids take classes apart from their Hebrew such as cooking, dance or creating a news program around the events in the Middle East. They are taking part in their Jewish education. Also, an added bonus, I think the rabbi is great. Young, charasmatic, and a true intellect.

We have recently attended 2 fundraisers for the temple in the past month. One was a wine tasting party, which took place at our house. Great event. You really got to meet and greet other members. True community. The other event took place yesterday at Dylans Candy Bar. We took over the store. There were chocolates to be decorated, dancing to be done and more importantly, you could eat as many candies as you wanted to. It is a children’s fantasy. It is an adult’s fantasy too. We all went to town. The event was from 4-6. I was literally green by the time we left. Once you start on a few m & m’s, it is hard to stop as we moved into the swedish fish, chocolate kisses, chocolate covered pretzels, the best licorice in the world from australia…shall I go on?

As far as fundraisers go, both were fun and different and you got a chance to know the community that you are giving money to. That is what I hate about the big typical fundraisers. I leave most of the time not knowing where the money really goes or who are the people behind the organization that make it tick every day.

To all the non-profits out there, think differently and creatively when raising money and I really believe, you will be rewarded.