John Kerry Fundraiser

I have been a Democratic since I came out of the womb. Our family grew up discussing politics over the dinner table. I wish the Democratics could be as nasty as the Republicans who will do anything to get into office. But, they are Democracts.

Last night I went to a fundraiser for John Kerry. The guest hosts for this event were Suzanne Vega and Al Franken. There are groups of fundraisers like this happening all over the country where people get together and continue to raise money for Kerry regardless of him being at the event. Thank god.

Suzanne Vega sang 3 songs. She sang 2 of my favorites, Luka and Tom’s Diner. She reminded us that these were songs she had written 20 years ago. Wow, talk about dating yourself – and me. The audience participated in Tom’s Diner when the chorus of ditties comes in. It was great.

Al Franken then spoke. The guy is not only funny but incredibly intelligent. He spoke about how this particualr administration, one of the worst in his lifetime, has not created one job. The ads that they put out are complete lies, which is so frustrating that there is not some type of organization that monitors that bullshit. We are in a war that we shouldn’t be in. We went by ourselves with no allies. We have absolutely followed no advice on how to get out of there and let them govern themselves. We are abusing the supposed prisoners of war. The administration knew about this since mid-January and chose to do nothing about it but suppress the information. I would find it hard to believe that the torturing that has been going on, and the pictures that have been taken, were not following a direct order from the higher up chain of command. After all, the army is all about chain of command. This administration blew and incredible opportunity after 9/11 to have the world embrace us. To reach out and create tigher friendships with every government across the world. Instead, we have pissed everyone off. Our dollar sucks. There are more terrorists now than before. The arrogance of this administration is horrific. As Al put it, “they are thugs”. On a domestic front, they support the NRA, anti-abortion movements, and seem to be working on taking our civil liberties away. What is next? Disney is afraid to release Michael Moore’s new documentary because it might impede on their taxes in the state of Florida. I could go on and on.

So, although last night was a united front, it got my blood boiling. I wonder how could any intelligent person support this lying, pompous, arrogant group of thugs? The Bushes have even decided to not go to their daughters college graduations because they do not want to take away from the kids? What is wrong with these people? I believe Bill and Hilary took Chelsea to college, had her travel with them and went to her college graduation. I know at the end of the day this is slightly irrelevant to the big picture but doesn’t it say something about the family, the values and morals and ethics of this group? Yikes!

So, as I rant and rave, I hope that Kerry picks a fantastic VP and soon. Supposedly that is happening. Also, I hope some of these moderate Republicans can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning and start making better choices. Kerry needs to win the swing vote. The Youth, the Spanish, the African-Americans, the Independents. The people that are not sure who they will vote on until they literally get into that booth.
That is what will win this election.

I worry about the future of America. If most Americans choose a President like George Bush, I am not so sure this is a country that I want to raise my children in. Is it possible that I could be in the minority of this country that believes in honesty, capitalism, democracy, pro-choice, the best legal system in the world, the right to voice my opinion, and the need for the US to become part of the big picture instead of the absolute sheer arrogance of standing alone without any allies. Who are we becoming as a nation?

This is the most important election in my lifetime and I certainly hope that we make the right choice, the only choice, vote George Bush out of office.