Mary’s Dairy

How could you not check out a new ice cream store in the neighborhood? Years ago, we lived in Brooklyn Heights and lived at Peter’s on Atlantic which served homemade ice cream.

Mary’s Dairy is on West 4th between 6/7th avenues. What can I say but “wow”! The ice cream is incredibly rich. Obviously very little air is being pumped into this ice cream. The flavors are intense. Not only do they offer simple flavors, they also offer up some exotic flavors which include taking a flavor and mixing it with white and dark chocolate or pistachio halvah or even chunks of nuts. There is obviously a higher price on those items but well worth it. We had quite a few tastings.

Last night we ordered 5 different flavors. We had the killer chocolate. Rich, intense. The cappucino kahlua was rich and buttery chocked with coffee flavor. We also tried the dulche de leche which was a luscious carmel color. Not over powered but delicious. We got one of the exotics which was Ying Yang which was killer chocolate with varhona chocolate chips. There is also a soft ice cream machine that produces their option to Tastee Delight or Cremalita. It was delicious. It did not taste fake. The strawberry was rich and the chocolate was smooth and really rich for a diet ice cream. Only 60 calories for the 4 ounce serving. We did not have the sorbet but they do make 2 a day. The ice cream list has about 10/12 different choices.

The ice cream’s were so rich that we actually did not finish all of the small servings.

The atmosphere is simple. White, bright and great seating. There is small seats in the windows and stools with tops that look like ice cream cones. Very cool!

All and all, a high five for Mary’s. Much needed and incredibly delicious.

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  1. hypnosis.course

    Oh my god, that ice cream thing is the scariest thing I’ve seen. My heart screeched to a halt and then I gained 30 pounds just looking at it.