Mean Girls, Shaolin Soccer and Bobby Jones: stroke of Genius

In the past few days, I have seen 3 movies. All kid related.

I saw Mean Girls the day it came out with my daughters and my Mom. I really liked it. Our audience was a true NYU crowd and the hoots and hollers from them made the movie even more entertaining. Lindsay Lohan plays the main character, Cady. Cady has just moved to the suburbs after spending years in the outback of Africa, so she has been home schooled until she becomes a Sophomore/Junior in High School. She is a bit out of sorts trying to figure out all the different “clicks”. She doesn’t even realize that these clicks exist. She pairs up with the “loners” who are always the most interesting in movieland. They help her decipher the other clicks. There are the jocks, the asian nerds, the cool asian chicks, the nerdy girls, and the worst group of all, the plastics. The plastics represent that group in high school that everyone talked about because they were supposedly the most beautiful, the coolest, the hippest, the everything. Although when you see them at your 20th high school reunion, you realize how high school was probably their peak year. Regardless, the plastics love Cady and she befriends them while all the time trying to undo their popularity with the help of the loners. Unfortunately she becomes one of them until she has a wake up call. Good entertainment. Totally stereotypical but funny lines, dry sense of humor and the acting isn’t bad either. Grab a teenager and go.

I had a hot date with my 8 year old son last night. The selection of movies out there right now is very slim. I thought we should see Soccer Shaolin. It looked good. Very kung-funesque and also got good reviews. We were psyched. Unfortunately, the movie is subt-titled. I sort of missed that part. We sat down and after about 10 minutes, we realized that reading for 2 hours was not going to be his thing. So, we exited and played some gun firing video games and got the manager to move us over to another movie.

Next film, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. This movie should have been on the networks not on the movie screen. The movie was actually put out by the Bobby Jones Foundation who worked in conjunction with a production company. It was incredibly slow. They could have easily cut out about 1 1/2 hours. But, as a person who actually enjoys watching golf on tv, his life is an interesting story. My son is a big golfer too. After about 2 hours, my son told me that I have given him a good night out and it was time to pack it in. I asked him if he wanted to stay to find out what happens. He said, “we know what happens”. So right he was…homeward bound.