The Strokes at Summerstage

Last night kicked off the first of Summerstage in Central Park. It is such a great forum. The crowd is pretty mellow. You are sitting in Central Park. It is lush and green. You can see the tall buildings in the distance looming over the park. But, here you are listening to rock and roll and having a picnic. I love it!

We took the whole crew to go see the Strokes last night. We took along a picnic so we feasted on steak, arugula, tomato and sundried tomato tapenade roll-ups, cherry tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and pineapple and homemade chocolate chip cookies (made by our oldest daughter). It was perfect.

There were 2 backup bands. The first was Sean Lennon. A few decent songs which could be worked out in the studio, but not great. I still have high hopes for him. His gene pool is too good. I can’t remember the name of the 2nd band, although I am going to work on finding it. They were really good. Very Jonathan Richmanesque. The songs were hilarious and the music was beautiful sounding. He sang a song that poked fun at Jessica Simpson that was a good hoot.

The Strokes came on about 9ish. They rocked. These are 5 guys who grew up in NYC and went to the Dwight School on the Upper West Side. They were thrilled to be in their backyard. The put on an awesome show. The lead singer, Julian, has an incredible and very distinct voice. The light’s for their concert were fantastic. All and all, they rocked.

The night ended up to be sunny and cool, so we lucked out on the weather. Our kids thought they were fantastic.

I am looking forward to the next concert in the park. It is such a great thing to do.