What I love about raising kids in New York City

What I love about raising kids in New York City is the access to everything. I also love the sense of ownership and responsibility they have because they are empowered to get to where they need to be.

Friday night was a perfect example. Our kids, 13, 11 and 8, walked to school by themselves that morning. When school ended, our 11 year old had a birthday party at the Museum of Television and Radio. The kids recorded a radio show. 1/2 of them were the sound effects, the other 1/2 was the cast. They will recieve a tape of their show in a few weeks. Pretty cool. Then they went out for pizza afterwards.

Our oldest daughter was in the Middle School play which was shown on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. We went Saturday night. So, she was on her own Friday night doing the play. Afterwards, she hooked up with her friends for ice cream and then walked home. She got home about 10:45 just as we were pulling up in a cab.

Our youngest son was with me and my husband. We went up town to pick up our daughter at the Museum and went out for dinner to Judson Grill. The restaurant is generally packed during the week for dinner and lunch. Friday night was pretty mellow. The food was good. We went to dinner up there because the 4 of us were going to a concert at Roseland Ballroom afterwards.

We went to see Evan Dando and Fountains of Wayne. We really only went to see Fountains but caught the last few songs from Evan. Fountains went on about 9:30 and we left around 10:30 They were great. The kids loved them.

So, our daughter walks herself to school, takes a subway up to the Museum of TV and Radio for a party with a bunch of kids, dines at Judson Grill for dinner and then catches a show at Roseland before getting into bed at around 11ish.

Only in New york….

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  1. Mbmilkowski

    Does your daughter go to public school?  NYC public schools are the only reason I plan to leave the city in a year when my son starts Kinder.

    1. Gotham Gal

      My kids did and do not go to public school. We know many people who have done an amazing job at navigating their childrens education thru the public school system and have been thrilled with the results. It depends on what neighborhood you live in particularly for elementary school