Off to Camp

Today was a life changing event for me. All of our kids went off to sleep away camp for 8 weeks. Yes, 8 weeks.

I loved camp as a kid. I absolutely loved the whole atmosphere of friendships, competition, independence, etc. This will mark our oldest daughter’s 6 year at sleep away camp. She literally counts down the days until the next summer from the time she gets home. The relationships she forms are camp at so special. You live with these kids and see them in good and bad all summer long. It is wonderful.

We get to visit them one day during the summer. You realize the minute you get there how you could never provide for them during the summer what the camp provides. They are busy and active from the moment their eyes open until their eyes close at night. They are happy and look incredibly healthy.

Our middle daughter loves it too. Her friends from camp are adorable. Today, our youngest son got on the bus too.

He was so excited. He got on that bus and didn’t look back…and off they went. It already seems strange to have an empty house for 8 weeks but the independence is good for all of us. I was a bit teary at the bus. I wonder when did I get old enough to send 3 kids off to camp? But, it has happened.

I remember when I stopped having to go down the diaper aisle. That seemed so huge. But today, wow. This is a big turning point.