My friend, who reads my blog, recommended Pylos because she knows that I like Greek/Mediterranean food. What a find!

First of all, the restaurant’s decor is beautiful. There are earthenware pots hanging from the ceiling, every inch of the ceiling. It creates a real Mediterranean vibe. Warm and inviting. The lights are low. The front doors open to the street. In the back, there is a huge slab of marble, not unalike the kitchens of today, where everyone can sit around. It is there bar, per se. You feel like you are sitting in someone’s home. So, to start, the atmosphere is great.

The food is excellent. We began with greek salads and grilled octopus. The greek salads had huge chunks of mild, creamy feta cheese over sliced cucumbers and chunks of tomatoes and sliced red onions. This was covered with oregano and a red wine vinegarette. Perfect. The pita bread that is served to start was the perfect addition to mopping it up. The octopus was grilled very dark and served with some type of balsamic sauce over pieces of tomato and capers. I could have had another one of those.

For dinner, we had a few different things. I had the whole sea bass, filetted and grilled with chunks of lemon and capers everywhere with a light olive oil sauce on the side. I liked that they served the oil on the side so if you didn’t want it or did want it, it was there for the picking. Someone also had the Brizzola which is a sirloin steak served with greek chunky potato fries. The steak was delicious. Cooked perfectly, juicy and flavorful. 2 people ordered the chicken breast which was cooked with tomatoes, feta, herbs and olives. Delicious. This was served with garlic mashed potatoes on the side. Not too garlicky, just right. The other dish we had was 6 grilled shrimp served around a plate with a huge serving of spinach in the middle. The sauce was a red tomato sauce with herbs and feta cheese. This was fantastic. Not only was every dish delicious, all the herbs were used to enhance the meal not over power it.

The wine list was extensive Greek wines. We had a glass of white and red. Both good. The menu in general was interesting. There were so many different things that I would have loved to try. I could not help but order one thing for dessert, just to try. 3 triangles of phyllo dough filled with custard and layed over a honey, cinnamon and butter mix. Delicious.

This is a place that I will return to again and again and again….What a treat!

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  1. Valérie Valtzoglou

    Thank you so very much for visiting PYLOS and posted such a beautiful review on it. Christos, my husband, share it with the people in the kitchen and the dining room and they were all very proud of it!
    Your web site is very informative and beautifully designed! I added it in my favorites!
    Thank you again and all the best!