Strawberry Picking

Every year, as long as I can remember, I take the kids strawberry picking. I can’t decide if it is more for me or for them but it is a tradition. We do apple picking in the fall too.

We happen to be hanging at the beach this week, post-school, pre-camp. We’re completely chilling. Besides some tennis and golf stuff for the kids, we are basically watching movies and bowling when it rains. It is so great to be able to just kick back and relax after the hectic spring season.

Today was our strawberry picking day. Unfortunately, most of the farms out in Long Island’s east end do not let you pick anymore. The only place is at the very beginning of Route 27 which is far from us. We are almost at the end of the Island. So, we were bummed. All the local farm stands with strawberry fields (asparagus too) would not let us pick. So, we picked up 5 quarts and a bunch of asparagus and went home.

This did not stop our tradition. We made a case of strawberry jam. We give it out over the course of the year and eat it ourselves. I found the key to the strawberry jam making is really letting the fruit boil, then adding the sugar and really letting that boil too. I think we got it right this year.

So, what do you do with all the strawberries left? You get on the Internet and look for recipes. We found one for strawberry muffins which we made and are awesome. We are making strawberry pie tomorrow.

Once again, the Internet has proven to be a valuable tool. More cooking to come as we close down the week…..