U.S. Open

I love watching golf, on TV. I celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary this past weekend, we have been together 23 years. I’ve known him over half my life. My husband is a golfer. Has been since he was a young teen. He turned me on to the art of watching golf. I have played but have never had the time to really pick it up. Also, I am not sure it would be my sport but I do have a love for the game.

This past weekend, we had tickets for the U.S. Open. My son and husband went the day of the practice rounds. My son got a hat and it was signed by a variety of the pros. Some pros were nicer than others. Nick Faldo was a jerk – my son roots against him now. Tiger was not actually warm but you can’t help but revere the guy.

We all cruised out there on Friday. It was beyond hot and humid. I mentioned to my brood that it was a bit like Jazzfest except Jazzfest was about 10 degrees hotter with at least 20% more humidity. Also, at Jazzfest we did not have access to an airconditioned tent. Perhaps there interest in coming with us to Jazzfest has now subsided.

We watched all the top guys. Tiger, Maas, Flloyd, Michelson, Funk, Goosen and Sergio to name a few. My son made friends with a group of older guys who had cigars and binoculars. They gave him his binoculars and offered him cigars. My son loved the Open but was dying from the heat. It probably would have been better on Saturday or Sunday when the weather was spectacular but so were the crowds, security etc.

So, instead of using our tickets and dealing with the crowds on Sunday, we lounged around the couch, reading the paper, doing the crossword, reading books and watching the end of the U.S. Open. It was a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day.

In the end, I’ll take watching a golf tournament on TV over watching it live anyday.

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  1. simon

    id much prefer to play the US open on xbox then watch it live or at home .. 🙂

  2. Mariquita

    I agree…I was there on Wednesday and Thursday and found it very hard to figure out who to watch and where to stand/sit. But I loved seeing the course in person. I think the best thing to do is to go out for a practice round and see the course and then watch from home on the weekend!