Winding Down

It is that time of the year, summer is just around the corner and the school season is winding down. I can’t help but think of that “Summer Feeling” by Jonathan Richman everytime the school year ends. One of the joys of having kids if you can continue to have the feeling of elation when school ends.

This week has been quite the kids line up. One night we went to a school event to see our son perform the drums, his musical end of year presentation. We got to see all the kids. Some were really good, most were not but they were all very cute. Another night we went to the au revoir party for the school head. Andrew has head of the school for 16 years, so this event was attended by all. Another night we had 2 potlucks. One for our fifth grader that was all curriculum based so we could see what she has accomplished this past semester, then dinner etc. Our 2nd grader’s potluck was literally food and and watching the kids run around for a few hours. So we spent time going back and forth all night. Next week we have another potluck for our 7th grader and we get to see her legally try a case for the end of year project. Do you think this will end?

Tonight, Harry Pottery here we come. I bought tickets a week ago. Next week, I pack up the kids for 8 weeks of sleep away camp. Yikes.

So, you can see why I can’t wait to lie on that beach and truly feel that “Summer Feeling”.