I can’t figure out how they are making money over at Yujin. It is always empty but the food is excellent. They have a decent amount of space. There is a warm vibe in there. The lighting is really good and the seating is very comfortable. The good thing is, reservations are absolutely not necessary. The prices are a bit high for a local neighborhood restaurant but that is sort of what it has become, I guess.

We wanted somewhere the other night which wasn’t a scene and you could walk in and hear. It was the perfect spot. We shared everything. We started with the Crispy Soft Shell appetizer where the crab is piled high the middle, cooked perfectly and surrounded by vegetables and a japanese butter sauce. I think we have ordered that before. It is delicious. We also had a eel, lobster and shrimp roll which was rolled up in a vegetable with edamame around the edges. The eel and asparagus tempura roll is also delicious. We had one of the specials which was hamachi sliced thin in a spicy vinagarette sauce. The hamachi was like butter. Main courses were also good. The chilean sea bass was cooked perfectly with a light wasabi sauce. The lobster is cut down the middle, grilled and served with a perfect triangle of rice and a warm ponzu butter sauce. It is wasn’t that fact that I was out for dinner instead of home, I would have picked away with my fingers. The other dish we ordered was a chicken tempura. I was really impressed with this one. I didn’t think it would be that interesting. The chicken was juicy, crisp and cooked perfectly and surrounded with a variety of vegetables. They serve it like chicken fingers piled up. Really really good.

Dessert? Why not. We split 2 desserts. Coconut ice cream over a delicate cookie. Very refreshing. We also had a small chocolate cake that oozed out chocolate sauce served with a dulce de leche ice cream. It took us about 3 seconds to polish those off.

All and all, really really good. I just don’t understand why the place isn’t busier? I do hope that they make it because Yujin gets written up and noted for their food but for some reason the clientelle isn’t there. I’m usually out of there by 10pm so perhaps while I am sleeping, the place is rocking.

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  1. Evan

    I often wonder and worry at good places that seem always empty. If a place can limp along and pay the bills with only one table occupied usually, how much money must a truely popular place rake in?

    There is a tragically empty kabab place on my street (69th, near the 7 train) that finally gave up and left. A few weeks later I see it has been resold and re-opened as a kabob place. That guy is SO doomed. It is sad.

  2. stephen

    how many places can you be guaranteed a table after or before the movies and still have the food be great?? we asked the same questions and can’t believe this place is always empty.

    The food is really good but it is a bit $$$$ since it is so easy to over order.