Art Works Foundation

Yesterday, as the heat was welling up on the sidewalks of Manhattan, I hooked up with an old and dear friend to go to a fundraiser for the Art Works Foundation.

First we had drinks at the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel which has fantastic views, ridiculously overpriced drinks and poor service. I guess the views make up for the rest. Then, we went over to Chelsea to see an exhibit of young children and their siblings using art to express their feelings. All kids have feelings but these kids are all suffering from life-threatening or chronic illnesses. I was really impressed with the depth of their work. The teenagers had written some poems which cut right to the heart. This is really a fantastic organization. They also have given money to other organizations that allow kids who are waiting to see their doctors do art, or see clowns or anything happy to keep their mind occupied on something else. At the end of the day, most of these kids are fully aware of what is happening to them. Probably more than their parents. It is their reality.

I met Doctor Gold last night who works with these kids. I only talked to him a few minutes, but he has been a tremendous help to my friend and her family. Thank god for doctors like him. Although the event was small, u could feel the sense of commitment and good faith of the people involved in this group. I would imagine that commitment would help in their fundraising efforts to this wonderful cause.

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  1. Jackson

    I’ve always been impressed by your philanthropy, but what’s truly amazing is how you fit it in to your social calandar.