I think I have been to most of the Greek restaurants in town, also a few out in Queens, last night for the first time we went to Molyvos. My sister said, that she was not impressed with the place. You know what, she was dead on. Perhaps it is the location. If this place was not in midtown near the theater district, maybe it would not have succeeded all these years.

I started at the bar. I was the first one there. I ordered a drink, $9 for a lot of ice and very little drink. It was ridiculous. Once everyone got there, we sat down. We shared some stuff to start. Of course, a greek salad. The greek salad was so small with tiny flecks of feta cheese, big chunks of cucumber and very little tomatoes and too much oregano. This is for $9.25. I should have been $6. We also shared the samplings of greek spreads. The “caviar” mousse was rich and good. The other dips were ok. Even the pita bread for dipping wasn’t warm and soft. We also had the grilled octopus served over capers and chopped tomatoes. The capers and tomatoes were so few that it wasn’t that important to the dish. The octopus was grilled perfectly.

For dins, my husband and I split a grilled fish that had way too much oil on it for a grilled fish. We shared 4 different side dishes. Sauteed spinach, sauteed escarole, rice with spinach and feta and the 3 cheese potatoes. All ok, not amazing. My friend had the lamb chops and her husband had the vegetable stew. I didn’t taste them.

I will say we had some really good red wine. My husband, who loves collecting wine, has been reading up on his Greek wines and so now he knows what to order. So, with all that wine, dessert was tempting. I ordered the classic custard and phyllo dough. A bit chewy and thick on the custard. This dessert should just slide down your throat, and this did not.

We had a great time with our friends, but I will absolutely not return to Molyvos. I still feel off today. Down the street from there is Milos which is around the corner on 55th street. Definitely go there. It is by far a much better restaurant for the atmosphere, price and food.

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  1. Jackson

    I had always though Greek food meant Diner food, but my trip to Detroit showed me the light. I hope you never have a reason to go there, but if you do, Greektown is a must.