What a night…

Last night was one of those ever ending NY nights. My friend and I took the subway uptown – something he has not done in 20 years – and went to Thalia for drinks. It was around the corner from the subway and a block from the theater. Perfect location. We had drinks at the bar and ordered the yellowfin tuna tartare with dried granny smith apples. It was delicious. The guy next to us was eating a burger that made me want to definitely come back and have a bite but we were having dinner downtown after Theater.

We went to see Caroline or Change. The play originally started off-Broadway at the Public. It got such terrific reviews and sell out audiences that it moved to the Eugene O’Neil Theater on Broadway. Maybe it missed something in the move or maybe it wasn’t really good to begin with. It was an operetta. It was horrible. I did not even get what the point was. We had great seats, front and center. Thankfully, the first Act when pretty quick and we bolted immediately at Intermission.

We grabbed a cab and went to dinner down at Bond Street. I was having a real hankering for great sushi. The place, as always, was packed with limousines lined up in the front. But, they took us even though we had absolutely no star power in our group. The sushi was fantastic and the appetizers were delicious. It is always good there and ridiculously expensive.

We walked home through Washington Square where we ended up talking to 3 elderly people who had just watched a concert in the park. They told us all about it and were thrilled that there was another concert next Tuesday night. One of the best things about being in the village, it is like a small town. We then walked up 5th and saw that Cru just opened on 9th and 5th in the old Washington Park Restaurant space. One of the owners was there so we walked in and talked. There will be a large bar type area in the front with seating and food – like a Grammercy Park which he had worked at – and locals can stop in anytime to eat. The food will be expensive in the back room – $20-30 for entrees and appetizers. I hope to get in there soon for dins. Right now it is not open to the public.

Finally, home. My favorite kind of NYC night.