Hanging in the Hamptons

There is nothing quite like the Hamptons for a variety of reasons. The scene out there is beyond insane. Wealthy New Yorkers rubbing elbows with each other, many parties to attend and restaurants packed to the gills. But, that is not the Hamptons I choose to do. I basically stay with in a 5 mile radius of my house. I cook at home and enjoy the absolute beauty of the area. There is no doubt that the end of Eastern Long Island is one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the world. The beaches are gorgeous, the bays are beautiful, the trees are old and full of life, and the sky has a different look which is probably why so many artists choose to live out there.

I just spent a week hanging out in the Hamptons. It was really relaxing and fun. We kayaked in the bay, took yoga and spinning classes, made delicious meals at home, drank lots of wine, relaxed at the beach, saw the annual sandcastle building contest, my husband went fishing. All and all, it was fantastic.

Personally, I believe the farther u go out, the better it is. The absolute best restaurant in the Hamptons is The Clam Bar which is located in Napeague on Route 27 past Amagansett en route to Montauk. You sit outside and eat the best New England chowder with steamers on the side. Very casual, very mellow. Cash only. You can’t go wrong. No reservations. This is the Hamptons that I enjoy. Very low key.

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  1. Jackson

    Clam Bar, a must! I will starve myself for the next two days in prep.